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To download the TravelSafely app, use the following links.

Download TravelSafely from the Apple App Store

Download TravelSafely from the Google Play Store

After Travelsafely App is downloaded and open, you will get a dialog box that says “Allow “TravelSafely” to access your location while you use the app?”. Click the blue Allow button.

Ios pic3.png

How to Register and Login to TravelSafely App

Once you have downloaded and opened TravelSafely App you will come to a login page.

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1. Click the black REGISTER button. This will take you to a web based form at

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2. Here you will enter your first and last name, enter and confirm your email address and create and confirm your password. *You will also be required to click the reCAPTCHA box and perform a verification that you are not a robot. *

Ios pic6.png Ios pic7.png

3. Click the blue CREATE button.

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4. The form will refresh and you will receive this message at the top of the registration form: Record saved successfully.

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5. Go back into TravelSafely App and login using the email address and password you just registered with then click the green LOGIN button. *You can check the remember login box if you would like to save your login to avoid having to login with future use.

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6. Start testing TravelSafely App!

7. Contact us at to report issues or ask questions.