Getting Started

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Becoming a part of the TravelSafely Community is easy! Follow the steps below to Save Lives, Improve Traffic and Get Connected.

1. Download the TravelSafely App in the App Store if you are using an iOS device, in Google Play Store if you are using an android device or click this link to download TravelSafely from our website:

2. Join the TravelSafely Community by registering for a TravelSafely account through the TravelSafely App. Click the link for more specific instructions on How to download TravelSafely App

3. Once you're connected, visit a smart city in a TravelSafely service area as seen here on our Service Areas list.

4. Start using TravelSafely App and make your communities safer by doing your part to save lives and improve traffic!

5. Tell your friends and family so that they can TravelSafely too!